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Fosters are the real super heroes of the rescue world.

Thank you so much for your interest in fostering with us! We appreciate our fosters so much! We couldn’t save lives without our incredible fosters!

FAQ about Fostering

The length of fostering will depend on the age of the cat(s) you foster. It can range between 2-12 weeks. 

We always try and accommodate the litter size you would like. After you apply to foster, we will ask what preferences you have so we can keep that in mind. 

Typically fosters provide all basic items for the cat(s). This includes food, water, litter, litter box, toys, etc. 

You will also need to be able to bring the cats to and from Cuddles Lounge every 2-4 weeks depending on age for vaccinations. 

Every foster has a foster coordinator to help them through the entire process. Your coordinator will tell you when the cats need vaccinations, when they get fixed, and get any medications you may need ready for you. Your coordinator will reach out every week to check on the cats in your care. 

Nope! Once the cat is ready for adoption, you will simply bring the cat to the lounge for adoption. 

Each situation is different. Some cats are in fosters due to health issues and they need to be on medications before being adopted. 

Some cats go to fosters because they haven’t been spay/neutered yet, or they aren’t current on vaccinations.

Each situation is different and we will give you all the details on the specific litter before you commit to fostering them. 

We HIGHLY recommend having a space you can keep foster cat(s) if they are to get sick. We do recommend quarantining the cat(s) for 10-14 days to make sure they aren’t sick with anything your personal pets could get. 

Of course! We give fosters first dibs if they are interested in adopting their foster kitten(s)! We also give fosters 50% off their adoption fee.

If your fosters get sick you will reach out to your foster coordinator asap. Your foster coordinator will tell you what to do, and get medications ready for you to pick up at the lounge. 

All of our cats come from shelters. 

We understand things happen. If you cannot care for the cat any longer, please contact your foster coordinator. 

Cuddles Rescue and Lounge will pay for all medical care our cats may need. 

Ready to foster? Apply below!