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Spay & Neuter Services

We are so excited to partner with Nuzzles and Co in Park City to provide low cost surgeries to the public!

We know there isn’t another low cost option in Utah County, we’re glad we can do what we can to help.

We are not able to do spay and neuter surgeries at our facility.  We partner with Nuzzles and Co in Park City to provide low cost services to residents that aren’t able to drive all the way up to Park City.  People will drop their pets off at 7 am to check in.  Once everyday is dropped off we will load everyone into the van and secure everyone so they can’t move during the drive.  We drive them up to Park City and do all of their surgeries along with any other services needed.  Once every animal is taken care of we will load them back up into the van and bring them back down.  We are usually back to American Fork and the pets are ready for pick up between 7:30-8 pm. If we get done early and will be back sooner we will let everyone know.


Drop off will always be at 7 am the morning of your appointment.  

Click on the bright pink button right above this FAQ to schedule your appointment!

Yes!  We can add any vaccinations, microchips, or deworming to your appointment and give them to your pet while they are at the clinic.

No, not every animal needs bloodwork before surgery.  We do recommend animals that are 8+ years receive pre-anesthetic bloodwork to ensure they are healthy for surgery.

We set our pick up time at 7:30-8 pm.  If we get done with surgery early, we will text you and let you know that you can pick up your pet earlier.

We do these spay and neuter clinics 1-2 times a month.  Appointments do fill up very quickly.  If it shows that there are no more appointments available, they are full for that clinic.  We will open up more appointments when we have a day set for the next clinic.

Nuzzles and Co has a community clinic and they try to help the public as much as we can.  Unfortunately they are far away and it’s difficult for people to get there for the services.  We have made a partnership with Nuzzles so we can transport the animals to help people get their animals fixed.

We ask that all cats come in small, hard, carriers for their safety.  We stack everyone in the van and use tie downs to secure everyone and make sure they don’t move during the trip.  For their safety we do need them in hard carriers.

Why Spay & Neuter

Your pet will live a longer, healthier life.

Spaying helps prevent uterine infections and breast cancer, which is fatal in 50% of dogs and 90% of cats. Neutering male pets can prevent testicular cancer, if done before pets are six months and older. On top of preventing disease, spaying and neutering also protects your pet from unwanted and unplanned litters!

Spayed female dogs and cats won’t go into heat.

While cycles can vary, female felines usually go into heat for four to five days every three weeks during breeding season. To “advertise” for mates, they’ll yowl and urinate more frequently, sometimes all over the house. Female dogs go into heat on average twice a year for two to four weeks each time and also exhibit undesirable behaviors including messy discharge.

Your male dog won’t want to roam away from home.

An intact male will do just about anything to find a mate! That includes digging his way under fences or dashing out the door to escape from the house. Once he’s free to roam, he risks injury in traffic and fights with other animals. This urge is lessened after neutering.

Your pet doesn’t need to have a litter for your children to learn about the miracle of birth.

Letting your pet produce offspring you have no intention of keeping is not a good lesson for your children, especially when so many unwanted animals end up in shelters. There are tons of books and videos available to teach your children about birth in a more responsible way.