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Low-Cost Vaccination Clinics

We offer walk-in vaccinations clinic 2-3 times a month to help our community vaccinate their pets for a low cost. 

You can pre-register your pets using this link for a quicker experience.

Dates for Our Upcoming Vaccination Clinics

Clinics will be held at Cuddles – 76 North 100 East Unit A9, American fork, Utah 84003 unless otherwise stated

Important Notices:

  1. Dogs should be brought on a leash, and cats should be transported in carriers. This helps prevent them from escaping or getting into potentially dangerous situations.

  2. Multiple pets are welcome, but they should still be under control and properly restrained.

  3. If a dog has a tendency to become anxious around crowds or is aggressive towards other dogs, it is best to leave them in the car for their safety and the safety of others. This prevents any potential incidents or undue stress for the dog. When it’s time for the dog to receive vaccinations, the staff can accompany the pet owner to the car if needed. This helps maintain a controlled environment and ensures the safety of both the dog and the vaccination technicians.

  4. Upon arrival, pet owners should go to the front desk to fill out any necessary paperwork. This allows the staff to gather relevant information and ensure a smooth process.

  5. Please be aware that Cuddles Rescue and Lounge is not responsible for the well-being of your pet during their stay. While staff members will make every effort to ensure their safety and comfort, it is ultimately the owner’s responsibility to monitor and care for their pet.

  6. Owners are required to clean up after their pets. Please be prepared to bring the necessary supplies to handle any waste produced by your pet. Proper disposal facilities will be provided for your convenience.

Pricing for Dog Vaccinations

Pricing for Cat Vaccinations


No, all of our vaccination clinics are first-come-first-serve. 

Yes, we are able to take all major debit/credit cards. We do charge a transaction fee for cards.

If you pet is aggressive, or reactive to other animals, please keep them in the car for everyone’s safety. 

You will fill out paperwork and pay, and we will come to your car to give vaccinations. 

No. We do not take owner surrenders and will not be able to take your pet. 

Occasionally, we will have businesses sponsor our clinics and certain items will be discounted or free. 

We also offer a cash discount. If you pay in cash, you don’t have to pay credit card transaction fees. 

Our clinics will be hosted at our facility located at 76 N 100 E, Unit a9, American Fork, Utah 84003 unless otherwise noted. 

You can park anywhere that doesn’t have signage stating otherwise. 

Yes! Please bring your dog on a leash, and your cat in a carrier. This is for their safety, and the safety of those around them. You may be denied services if your pet doesn’t have a leash/carrier.