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New Medical Request Form

Have you recently visited a vaccination clinic and need a copy of your medical records? We’re thrilled to introduce a convenient and speedy online method for requesting them! To get started, simply click the button below and provide the phone number and/or email associated with your account. Your records will be automatically sent to you.

About Us

Cuddles helps local rescues and shelters adopt pets, helps the community with low-cost spay/neuter, low cost vaccinations, TNR (trap-neuter-release) of community cats, and we help relocate community cats into safe barn homes.

We believe that by working closely with rescue partners and shelters we will be able to help more animals in our community, and help the pets in our locals shelters find their forever homes. 

How we can Help

low cost spay/neuter

In partnership with Nuzzles and Co, we are excited to announce that we are able to offer low-cost spay/neuter services!


With the help of our wonderful trappers, we are able to help with community cats by getting them fixed and vaccinated.

Low Cost Vaccinations

To help our community keep their pets safe and healthy, we offer low-cost vaccination clinics monthly!

barn cat program

In need of a cat to help with your mice problem? Look no more, we are here to help!

How You Can Help


If you would like to donate to help us, you can visit our "Donate" page. Any donations we don't use, we give to our rescue partners and shelters.


We are always in need of extra hands! We would love to have your help at our events. some events include vaccination events, adoption events, fundraiser, and more!


Foster is such a great way to help and it is extremely rewarding. We recommend fostering for SUVAS, one of our local shelters.

get your pet fixed

Getting your pet fixed is an easy way to help those in rescue. This ensures that your pet doesn't add to the over population problem.

We're on the move!

Bursting with enthusiasm, we’re thrilled to expand and provide an even wider array of services to our community, enhancing our support for the well-being of your cherished animals. This isn’t a farewell; it’s a “see you later.” Anticipate reuniting with us at our brand-new location in Spring 2024!